Back to Business

It’s been nearly a month since I posted.  It’s been a difficult month, but I really need to get back in the groove.  This is my new beginning.    Even though I’m well into picking my berries, I had some new blossoms, and some unexpected rain added to the beauty of pretty flowers that I love so much.

I have lots of stuff on my memory card waiting for my attention, so starting tomorrow I will be getting busy.  It would be easy to just give up posting every day, but I don’t want to, so I’m going to start slowly, then one day I’ll make the commitment again and post every day.

Thanks for visiting.


~ by joandayimages on June 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “Back to Business”

  1. Welcome back Joan. I’ve missed your beautiful photos, and seeing a part of you, too.

  2. Marie, you are very kind. Thank you!!

  3. Hi Joanie,
    Loved the flower with the raindrops!
    No one emails anymore so…
    I would like to discuss engagement pictures for Angela.
    She wants to take them at Rynerson Park on Del Amo & Studebaker.
    Sundays are good for Trevor and Angels’s schedules.
    She wants to take them before she starts Nursing school on 8/19.
    Call me or email me. No Facebbooking yet and I’m a poopie texter.
    Love you,

    • Hi Teresa,
      I would be honored spend the day with Angela and Trevor. Thanks for thinking of me for this special occasion. What a great day it will be watching you and Steve giving your little girl away. Seems kinda unreal, huh? I’ll give you a call, soon. Love ya, too!!

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