Tara’s Prom

Corey and Tara having a lot of fun.

Corey and Tara having fun






Tara and Corey






Tara and Corey

Tara and Corey







Corey and Tara on the way to their high school prom.

8 Responses to “Tara’s Prom”

  1. Joan,
    Tara’s dress in just beautiful! She’s beautiful! They’re a cute couple.

  2. WOW is this Senior Prom, were did the little girl go? Can not beleive she is so grown up. she is beautiful and her dress is so pretty. cute boy toy too! you go Tara…

  3. Tara is such a cutie! These photos are better than most wedding pictures I’ve seen. Tara’s a lucky girl.

  4. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing Joan. My son’s prom is next saturday. You gave me some great ideas for pictures. ~Dena

  5. Joan, Tara is quite the beauty. Both of your kids are very nice looking. I’m sure you’re proud of both of them.

  6. Joan, great photos. Can you believe your baby girl is so grown up?

  7. Hi Joan, they grown up so fast. Miss you. Donna

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