Civil War Reenactment El Dorado Park Long Beach 2009

_DSC8191This was a very exciting event at El Dorado Park!  Tara, her friend, Cassie, and two photography students and I had a blast watching the two sides show us how it really was way back when.  The cannons were blasting, the guns sent out plumes of smoke.  The bodies fell as each side took it’s toll.  It was very realistic.  Even Abe Lincoln was there.  In the end, many lives were lost. 

If your kids or grandkids are studying the Civil War, this fanstastic event would really keep ’em talkin’ about it.  They might even get an “A” on a test.

Their camps were set up with authentic supplies and goods.  They had tents supplied with everything they needed to spend the night as this was a two-day event.  They cooked their meals in the cast iron pots and drank out of tin cups.

The horses didn’t seam to mind, as there were plenty of carrots and apples supplied by kids who were happy to feed them.

The Confederate Army

The Confederate Army

A Young Soldier

A Young Soldier

The Union Army
The Union Army
Sword fight

Sword fight

Honoring the Dead

Honoring the Dead


2 Responses to “Civil War Reenactment El Dorado Park Long Beach 2009”

  1. Wow, how interesting! Great photos! Makes me want to experience it next time and I’m not even fond of history.

  2. wonderful work. My favorite it the second one with the soldier pointing his gun towards the enemy and a bit of the flag in the corner.

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