Photos – Samples

strawberry splash

Strawberry Splash

Natural Light

Natural Light


What great fun it is to shoot food that’s in season.




Zoo friends
Zoo friend

 Los Angeles Zoo

Tomatoes from my garden 2008

Tomatoes from my garden 2008

Yosemite Falls May 2009

Yosemite Falls May 2009

Yosemite, California

Mirror Lake -Yosemite 2009
Mirror Lake -Yosemite 2009
Half Dome

Half Dome

Dogwood blossom

Dogwood blossom

Fern Spring - Yosemite 2009

Fern Spring - Yosemite 2009 A tourist stopped by the spring to get a drink of water, and I asked her if I could take her picture. She and her husband were from New Mexico.

Yosemite Falls - May 2009

Bridalveil Falls - Yosemite 2009
Bridalveil Falls – Yosemite 2009

Dogwood TreesFern Spring

Fern SpringPink Dogwood


15 Responses to “Photos – Samples”

  1. love your new blog and all the pics.

  2. I wrote something already but didn’t put my name it erased it…drat!!!…anyway…I said…you are the most talented person I know….you’re photos are amazing and soothing…I will be checking your blog frequently…see you next week for you b day celebration…love you lots…Cin

    • Cindy, don’t tell anyone how much I paid you to say nice things. Love you, too.

  3. Love the food pictures they look so yummy, you should send these off to food co. you take much better pictures. So beautiful

  4. i think this is great which is better sewing or pictures i love your work in both

  5. You’re such a gifted photographer. I especially like the strawberry splash.

  6. wow you’re amazing!!! i love the strawberry one!

  7. the strawberry is my favorite. you always were so good at photography. Rochelle

  8. Joan, Your pictures are incredible. Lauri

  9. Joan, I like the brideveil picture for your canvas.

  10. great pictures, teacher!

  11. WOW………….you capture GOD’s creations so perfectly! WOW great pics love your work Joan.

  12. Joan –

    You have a wonderful gift for your passion of photography! All are very special — I really like the one of your dad and you!

  13. WOW! Joan!! You are amazing in so many ways! What a gift you have!! Thank you for sharing it with me!

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