Keeping Busy

Dad is still okay, I guess, but he’s getting a little more confused and forgetful.  Staying with him full-time has been such a blessing for both of us.  I have been keeping busy helping Dad do things that he just can’t do.  Now that they are just about done, I feel he’s starting to let go.  There’s not as much for him to think about.  He read the whole paper today, but couldn’t get past one page in his book that he wants to read.  Sometimes during the day he is very lucid, and sometimes he just sits and stares into space, then talks out loud to himself.  His medication hasn’t been increased, so the reason may be the slow progression of cancer or just plain getting old.  I hope Dad has a good time at our family get together in two weeks to help him celebrate turning 91.

As I care for my dad and watch him slip away, I can’t help crying.  He means everything to me.  As the time gets closer I am not going to write about it…I don’t think, for fear the tears with short out my laptop.

For now, I’m trying to keep myself busy with my own unfinished projects, just to keep my mind occupied.  It’s getting harder to get out to take my picture of the day.  So, try as I will to be creative in this house and yard.

So far, I have finished one project, a holiday table centerpiece.  Maybe I’ll try to take a picture of it on another day.

Today I have been working on gifts for the Hospice nurse, night nurse, social worker.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll show you the finished project.

~ by joandayimages on May 11, 2011.

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