Pirates in Dana Point

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Pirates are fun to shoot!  They are always willing to give a great pose or an “aarrrrrgggg.” This last weekend at the Dana Point Harbor there were plenty of pirates all decked out.  The actual event took place out on the open ocean.  As the sails were raised, they loaded their cannons and took aim on the enemy pirate ship.  Tickets could be purchased to sail on the ships, as well.  For more info on this Tall Ships Festival event click on the link.


For the Love of Dogs

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What a great day it is when a lost animal finds a new and loving home!

Since volunteering at the Downey Animal Shelter as a photographer, I have come to appreciate all the hard work that goes in to finding homes for the animals who otherwise would be euthanized.  The volunteers at the Downey Shelter as well as the Baldwin Park Shelter work countless hours loving and caring for these animals.  When I’m there I want to capture great images, but they have the love in their eyes that I can see that shows me just how much they care.  I know if they could, they would all take each and every animal home with them.

This week I saw just how much Jana cared for this big lovable gal, ContessaShe was one of the most loving dogs I’ve seen.  Of course, it didn’t help that Jana let her kiss her all over her face!

Happy Birthday, Jackson

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Jackson’s mom and dad didn’t go to the pet store to buy a dog for their son’s birthday.  They went to the Downey Animal Shelter.  On this Sunday afternoon, I happened to arrive after one of the volunteers, Mary Lou, had found the perfect dog for Jackson.  How did she know who would be the one for him?  Well, she spends a lot of time getting to know the animals through different adoption programs.  Every other Saturday, many volunteers get together as organized by United Hope for Animals, and we take pictures for the Downey Shelter’s Facebook Page.  Baldwin Park Shelter has the same program.  They are uploaded to the page, along with a YouTube video showing just how great these animals are with people.  They concentrate on adoptable animals that would adapt to most situations.  Then, you know how Facebook is, you like the page, share the page with your friends, and before you know it, all the animals get adopted.  Well, that’s how it’s supposed to work.  I was shocked to find out that Downey has placed over 1,000 animals since January, and Baldwin Park 4,000 since they began.  I digress…

Sooooooo, Mary Lou spends time with the dogs while we are shooting pictures and gets to know them.  This particular Sunday, Jackson and his mom and dad show up to the shelter.  Mary Lou comments that she has just the dog for Jackson.  They spend time in the visiting area, and the dog goes home with them.

So, today is Jackson’s birthday…Happy Birthday, Jackson.  Lexi, the white Shepherd mix, is getting used to being part of the family.  She sleeps through the night on her bed.  When morning comes, Jackson lets Lexi and their Chihuahua, Mac, out and feeds them both.  Jackson loves lying on the floor, letting Lexi nuzzle and gently play with him.  Lexi already knows how to sit on command.  She’s quickly getting used being loved by her new family…thanks to Mary Lou.

There’s nothing like a boy and his dog(s).

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Pets love Photography

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Have you have tried to get your dog to smile?  I guess the challenge is to get them to just look your way.  As soon as they know you want them to look, they decide to play, want a treat, run outside.  It takes practice.  Inspiration struck me this week to shoot some nice portraits of the dogs with their mommy, Tara.  If you don’t care to do your hair or pick out shoes and clothes for the portrait, then it’s easy to get set up.

I took this picture in my son’s room…he recently moved out.  So, now I call it “My Studio.”  Anyway, it only took a few minutes take a few shots.  I have shot in this room previously, and I thought it would be nice to make the walls look a little different.  In my stash of textures, I found this cool one.  I thought it added some pizazz.  Let me know what you think?

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Downey Animal Care Center

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We all want to do something with our talents or interests to help mankind or even animal kind.  Since January, I’ve been helping out with United Hope for Animals, an organization dedicated to helping find homes for many animals in the County shelters.  We have our own Facebook page in Downey called Downey Animal Care Center.

If you can find it in your heart to log on to Facebook and click on the link above, click “like,” click “share,” and you’ll do wonders for these animals that need homes.  There are bunnies, kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, and even a snake or duck or Cockatiel.  People lose their dogs, leave the gates open, have to move…there are all kinds of reasons these guys are hold up in their cells.  We can really see their personalities as we take pictures of one after another.  So many just need a good home.

We also need lots of volunteers.  Check out the County site and sign up to volunteer.  Here is the link if you would like to attend an orientation.  http://animalcare.lacounty.gov/cms1_154725.pdf  Also, there is a phone number on the Downey Facebook page.  Call to speak to an actual person.


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What a joy it was witnessing the miracle of a birth!!! Even though it was 3:11 am, I was wide awake.  I had promised to stay in my little corner, but as the event progressed, I found myself moving to get the views that put the mother and baby in the “right light.”  As Austin entered the world so easily, the doctor called me to his side to capture what he had so professionally taken part in.  Mom and Dad smiled, cried and prayed through the most beautiful and natural event I have ever witnessed.


Baby Bump

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In three short weeks, Sean and Julie’s house is going to be filled with joy that only a new baby can bring.  With four children in their home already, they both needed an afternoon out just to enjoy each other’s company before the day in which sleep becomes a luxury they will have long forgotten.

As I watched the boys help Dad put the crib together, not really quite understanding what this little bundle of joy will bring to the family, I couldn’t help but share in their excitement.  I snapped a few pictures, then concentrated on photographing the expectant Julie.  What a radiant mom!!  Running after two young boys hasn’t hurt her, but has kept her in shape and on her toes.  With the couch cushions piled on the floor, kids jumping on them as they all do and Julie’s description of family time together in the living room, it made me anticipate the day all will be gathered around their new brother.  I’ll enjoy visiting them and watching the love they have for each other.

I, too, am anticipating this special day.  If all goes well, what a privilage it will be to witness the birth of their new son.  I can’t wait to actually see a baby being born…in person.  Yes, I was there for the birth of my two children, but the view wasn’t great from my end, and I was too busy screaming with my eyes closed to really see anything.

I pray all will go well in mid May.  Stay tuned………………..

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