Queen Elizabeth ii comes to Long Beach

Queen Elizabeth II

On its way to Puerta Villarta, the Queen Elizabeth ii made time to stop in the Long Beach Harbor to say hi to her sister ship, the Queen Mary.  The QEii is a newer version of the old ship, and is very much state-of-the-art.  At dusk, escorted by smaller boats, the Fire Boat, the Goodyear Blimp and a few helicopters, the beautiful luxury ocean liner headed bow first right into the harbor.  The Queen Mary gave a “hello” horn blow, and QE gave one in return.  She stood still for a few photo ops, and then turning on dime, she slowing came to a stop facing the Queen Mary.  They each blew customary horns at each other as the crowd on the Queen Mary cheered with excitement.  A few minutes of fireworks ended the celebration, and within minutes she was headed back out to sea.

I thought it was quite thrilling, as I stood on the shore taking pictures and visiting with other excited onlookers. There are so many events that we can be part of and witness while history is being made right in front of us.

“Bigger, faster and more powerful than her predecessor the ship Titanic, the RMS Queen Mary had a long career that included 1,001 successful Atlantic crossings. Built at the John Brown shipyard on the Clyde, Scotland in 1937, the Queen Mary held the record for the fastest-ever North Atlantic crossing, and for three years she carried the rich and famous across the Atlantic in great luxury. During World War II, she carried troops and afterward, she ferried war brides and children to the United States and Canada before returning to service as a transatlantic cruise ship.

In 1967, when her owner Cunard sold the Queen Mary for $3.45 million and she made her 516th and final voyage to Long Beach, California on December 9, 1967. her boilers were removed, she was permanently docked and has been here ever since.” About.com

Photo by Joan Day www.JoanDayImages.com

~ by joandayimages on March 12, 2013.

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