German Shepherd for Patrick and Keri

Finding homes for dogs isn’t my specialty, but I love taking pictures of the animals that need homes for United Hope for Animals.  We post their pictures on our Downey Animal Care Facebook page for the LA County Shelter in Downey on Garfield.

Today, I stopped to chat with Patrick and Keri who were hoping to find their first dog as young married couple. Not exactly ready for children, the ideal first step is get a dog who will be a great running, biking, and Pilates partner.  Patrick is a fireman, and thinks it would be great for Keri to have a companion for the times that he is away at work.

They began their search almost a year ago, but after speaking with those who owned German Shepherds, they soon discovered how smart and gentle and protective they are.  So what are the chances they would find one so quickly?  Someone in the office at the Downey Shelter pointed them to the website, and wouldn’t you know there were two beautiful sisters under 6 months old, just waiting for a forever home. Their owners were moving, which meant they weren’t strays, and were probably taken care of well.

Oh, happy day!

I wanted them to name her Heidi, the name I gave my first dog, a German Shepherd/Lab mix that I got at this very shelter.  I sure loved her.

~ by joandayimages on September 15, 2012.

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