Baby Bump

In three short weeks, Sean and Julie’s house is going to be filled with joy that only a new baby can bring.  With four children in their home already, they both needed an afternoon out just to enjoy each other’s company before the day in which sleep becomes a luxury they will have long forgotten.

As I watched the boys help Dad put the crib together, not really quite understanding what this little bundle of joy will bring to the family, I couldn’t help but share in their excitement.  I snapped a few pictures, then concentrated on photographing the expectant Julie.  What a radiant mom!!  Running after two young boys hasn’t hurt her, but has kept her in shape and on her toes.  With the couch cushions piled on the floor, kids jumping on them as they all do and Julie’s description of family time together in the living room, it made me anticipate the day all will be gathered around their new brother.  I’ll enjoy visiting them and watching the love they have for each other.

I, too, am anticipating this special day.  If all goes well, what a privilage it will be to witness the birth of their new son.  I can’t wait to actually see a baby being born…in person.  Yes, I was there for the birth of my two children, but the view wasn’t great from my end, and I was too busy screaming with my eyes closed to really see anything.

I pray all will go well in mid May.  Stay tuned……………….. for my website

~ by joandayimages on April 30, 2012.

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