Peter Pan

If you haven’t made time to go see a live performance this summer, may I suggest you treat yourself and a friend to an energetic, fun, theatrical play.  I was invited to opening night of “Peter Pan” at the Curtis Theater, in Brea, CA.  Of course I took my camera along to snap some pictures of my little friends, Sheyenne and John, who are part of the Brea Youth Theatre, under the direction of Stagelight Family Productions.  They looked so adorable as an Indian and one of the Lost Boys.  I didn’t know all the cast would be treated like movie stars as they rolled up in their limousines.  Out came the groups, for a photo taken by their photographer, then up the red carpet where they were greeted and cheered on by family and friends.  I managed to get a few pictures as I squeezed my camera between the heads in the crowd trying to avoid the excited parents.  Wow!  What a night.  As for the production, it was top-notch. The set was cute and professional-looking, as were the costuming and music.  Don’t wait; the show only goes on until August 7, 2011.  Scroll down to the bottom to see the slide show of the kids. For more info, please visit my website:

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~ by joandayimages on July 27, 2011.

7 Responses to “Peter Pan”

  1. I love your pictures and the special way you described the event…….gracias…….jesse

  2. Thank you, they are beautiful!

  3. Nice event coverage, Joan.

  4. Thank you, Everyone. It was a great event to shoot, but even better was the play. I just loved it.

  5. Wow! Absolutely wonderful. You have posted a superb pictoral blog representation of ‘absolute quality’. Your images are superbly professional demonstrating a quality, unique and to be revered. Costumes are important and make lovely images if taken with skil. I wish i could take pictures like you do. Of searching for inspiration for a long while i have found your creative pictoral selection has given me joy and a good few ideas for the future. You have real attention to depth and detail. I love what you have achieved and i would buy in to it. Please accept my kindest and most respectful comment. How could i best refelect an advert for you – link etc. It would be my pleasure to demonstrate and advertise you to your benefit. The honours are yours. Warm Regards from Bruce – CEO at BASE Entertainments (UK)

    • I should say, “Wow!” I have never had such a nice compliment. You are too kind. If you like what I have posted, and it makes you smile when you look at the pictures and read the posts, then that’s all I ask. Making people happy with my photography is all I ever wanted to do. You have truly made my day. Thank you. Joan

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