Onion Fields

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Food Grows Where Water Flows”?  There’s a sign somewhere on Hwy 99 that reminds everyone that without all the waterways in the Central Valley, So Cal wouldn’t have all the local crops.  I’ve driven around a lot up here, and it amazes me at all the land that is devoted to crops and trees.  I used to see so much cotton years ago, but not too much anymore.  Corn crops are rotated along with the cotton, so I may have just missed it.  One thing for sure is that there are lots and lots and lots of grapevines up here.  Years ago, I took some pictures of the grapes while being picked somewhere off of Hwy 58 heading toward Tehachapi.  I’ll have to look for those and post them here…someday.

Today, I just had to get out and see what was new.  One of my favorite farms to visit when the kids were small was on Stockdale Hwy, just east of the 5.  They had wagons you could ride on and travel out to the fields of berries or the orchards with containers ready to haul in whatever you could pick.  I never did that because the kids were too small.  The well-stocked petting zoo kept them occupied while my dad watched them.  Mom and I would go in and pick a flat of  perfect looking blackberries, not to be confused with my “boysenberries” that I grow.  It wouldn’t be long before we had a batch of jam made.  I saw no sign of that farm today.  It’s been gone for many years, and I couldn’t even find where it once stood. 

You may still be having snow in Coeur d’ Alene, but we are in the middle of our growing season.  Did you ever wonder where all the onions were grown?  Today, I discovered the secret.  lol  I guess it’s no secret.  There are miles of onions growing out here.  I couldn’t see the end of crop even after driving for ten miles.  Can I have onion envy?  I’m so happy with my twenty onions I have growing in my modest garden.

~ by joandayimages on April 22, 2011.

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