Friendship and Laughter

Melodee and I make it a point to get together for breakfast and catching up at least twice a year.  Today we decided to head over to Porto’s Bakery and Cafe.  It’s nice to go somewhere where you can stay awhile and not feel guilty taking someone’s seat.  I hadn’t eaten breakfast at this restaurant before, so after deciding on an omelette for me and an omelette sandwich for Melodee, we headed over to a nice seat by the window.  I expressed my love for sitting by the window which allowed for a nice view of the redevelopment projects going on in our fine city.  No sooner had we started eating, when two men came to the window on the outside….the walls are solid windows.  They had a tall ladder and two rolls of paper.  We weren’t paying  much attention until they hung the first piece of paper up on the window.  We couldn’t guess what they were up to, but continued our jolly conversation.  Up went a second piece of paper.  We really were puzzled now.  After they finished blocking our view, we wondered what project was going to take place.  The building is brand spankin’ new, so there really wasn’t anything to do. 

Because we don’t get together as often as we should, we have a tendency to stay for quite a few hours.  The two men outside did absolutely nothing all that time….nothing.  We just laughed and thought, okay here’s another amusing memory to add to our many others.  Melodee claims she doesn’t have a good memory, but she sure remembers all the funny things that we have been through together. 

Well, Melodee, thank you for a wonderful morning.  I’ll be laughing about this for a very long time. 


~ by joandayimages on April 8, 2011.

One Response to “Friendship and Laughter”

  1. What a funny story…next time you see Melodee…please tell her “hi” for me :-).

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