Winter Trees

Our two 50-year old Mimosa trees in the front yard are truly majestic. Each year, for nearly twenty years, I have watched the tiny green leaves sprout in March some time.  July brings the little feathery pink flowers, and Fall brings the seed pods.  But, Winter…ahhhh.  For months at a time our leafless, stoic trees withstand the cold winter, the blowing winds, and sometimes a lot of rain, no leaves, pods or flowers; they are just resting. 

Many times I go outside and just look up at the sky through the maze of bare branches.  I, especially, love when there are white puffy clouds in the background that give an added dimension to my view. 

One tree, the tallest and largest, has given me so many memories over the years.  When the children were young, it provided shade as we picnicked on the front lawn in the hot summer.  As they got older, it held the dangerous, yet fun, swing.  We had to lock it up when not being used.  The barely visible eye bolt embedded in the trunk reminds me of all the fun I had pushing the kids soooo high that even they were a bit scared.  Their friends lined up as our friend, Dennis, a fireman, threw a wonderful rope, tied to perfection, all the way up and over one of the highest branches.  I was hoping he would bring the hook and ladder, but he was such a good shot, that it only took him two tries.

The shade they provide, of course, gives me the most joy.  On the Fourth of July, as we play some type of water game or Bocci ball in the front yard, we are blessed by the mature branches that shade the parked cars, our warm guests, and much of the street.  I’ve chatted with my neighbors under the trees, many whom are no longer with us.  I’ve watched the kids learn to ride their bikes in the street in front of the house, and watched as some have parked their car during their lunch hour to enjoy the cooler air.

While we had a lot of wind the other night, not a branch was lost.  Actually, we’ve never lost a large branch.  Although, I did pick up some small dead branches that reminded me of when I used to tell the kids that these were the antlers that Santa’s reindeer had lost.  Okay, they were very young and gullible.

I really hope to enjoy my beautiful trees for many years to come.


~ by joandayimages on March 9, 2011.

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