I couldn’t have been more excited to pick up my cousin, Doug, his wife, Janet, and my Aunt Lee from the airport today.  It’s the beginning of a wonderful week that will be full of sight-seeing, and a bit of traveling.  We are planning two things that I’ve never done before: tour the movie star’s homes and visiting the Mission Inn in Riverside. 

~ by joandayimages on February 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “LAX”

  1. Hey I live real close to the Mission Inn. How did you like it? If you’re ever in Riverside let me know & maybe we can meet up. I finally got my mom moved out here. She moved into an assisted living apt. here in May. She seems to really like it. She can go out & socialize anytime she wants or hang out in her apt. She has quit driving. She’s still sewing but seems to like to sew real simple things these days. I love having her close.

    I made a couple of boysenberry pies last weekend. One regular & one sugar free for my husband. I’ve gotten about 10 quart bags from my vines this year & still have maybe 1 bag still to be picked. I took your advice & made boysenberry shakes for the grandkids. They really enjoyed them.

    I love looking at your blog from time to time. Your pictures are exceptional. Love hearing about all your adventures. You’re an inspiration…….. God Bless.

  2. Hi Brenda,
    Great to hear from you. Actually, we never made it to the Mission Inn. My aunt wanted to go to Hollywood and Malibu instead. We had a great time.
    Say hi to your mom for me.
    I’m busy picking berries, too. Freezing them all this year. Don’t have time to do anything with them, yet.
    Maybe I’ll gather up some friends and come out to visit you and your mom.
    Hope to see you someday soon.
    Thanks for visiting…and commenting.

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