Small Miracles

Some of you may or may not know that the other half of my business is embroidery. 

I have had an embroidery business for approximately fifteen years.  I don’t over extend myself, but I do jobs as they come to me.  In the past, when the kids were growing up, they were involved in several different groups and sports…Divine Talents singing group, gymnastics, etc.  I was able to design their logos, and embroidery the items.  I have, also, embroidered for many companies, businesses, hospitals, and sports groups and schools. 

I really don’t do much of it anymore, as the kids are grown, and I’m much more involved in my photography end of the business…and teaching. 

But, one item that is dear to my heart, that I embroider several times a month, is my Small Miracles logo for the wonderful NICU nurses at Long Beach Memorial Hospital.  A friend of mine is a nurse there, and she wanted something special for the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurses that was just their logo.  So, she told me her idea, and we worked out this simple design.  It’s not to fancy, but nice for all types of items.  They mostly order sweatshirts.  I can’t even remember how many years I’ve been embroidering these, but it’s been many.

I always think of how special these nurses are.  My daughter, Tara, went right into NICU when she was born, and was there for 7 days.  It was the tender care these nurses gave me that gave me the strength to get through that stressful week.  Leaving my baby at the hospital was the worse thing that had ever happened to me.  But, knowing that she was being cared for with the special love that I saw these nurses give each baby and their family members each day, gave me a peace that is hard to explain. 

The good Lord healed Tara that week as she had many people praying for her.  She was born with a paralyzed vocal cord that left her unable to breathe normally.  She slept through tests in which they would have normally had to sedate a baby.  She had a feeding tube for delivery of breast milk.  And she spent her time having many tests to find out if there was something causing it, or something else worse.  The doctors had never seen this before.  If she would have had two paralyzed vocal cords, she would have had a tracheotomy.

It has been nineteen years since this happened, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

God Bless you, and thank you, NICU nurses.


~ by joandayimages on February 8, 2011.

One Response to “Small Miracles”

  1. Very touching Joan! I had no idea about Tara…Em was born with a fever and I only had to leave her there one extra night BUT leaving without your baby is so emotional. Thanks for sharing!

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