Bird Crazy

I’m not much of a bird person, but I may turn in to a bird watcher, if I’m not careful.

When I have some reading or work to do, I sometimes go to the beach or the park to get away from the computer and home.  Today, I went to El Dorado Park to work on proofreading a book for a friend.  I’ve been trying to get to it, but something always comes up.  I’m not a great proofreader, but I told her I would do it.

So, camera and book in hand, off I went.  I was reading and watching the birds.  Actually, I wanted to get some more interesting pictures of the Canadian Geese, but all the other birds offered something more.

As the sun turned to a golden yellow, as it does in the late afternoon, I slowly walked to the water where the Great Blue Heron was still in the shallow water.  I noticed a small bird with a long pointy beak near him.  I had never seen a bird like this at the park.  I don’t know what it is.  If you know, feel free to leave a message below.  I’d love to know the name.  Soon he took to the air.  I just looked up his wing span on Wikipedia.  It says it’s nearly six feet.  Wow!

As the evening came to an end and the ranger drove around with the loud speaker announcing the closing of the park, I thought I’d take one last picture of a bird that had just flown into a nearby tree.  I think it is a hawk…remember, I’m no expert birder.  I really like this picture the best of the bunch.

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~ by joandayimages on February 4, 2011.

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