It’s quite something when you think of the word “friendship.”  It can mean so many things, from someone you have been close to since you were a child, or someone you have coffee with occasionally.

Sometimes people cross your paths, and you never know what direction your relationship will go.

When I first met Ben, about four or five years ago, he had the same smile on his face, that comes from his sweet personality, as he does in the photograph below.  He was among my first class of photography students.  Over the years, we have been on many fun photo outings together with the class and in the Summer with just a few of the group.  From the Mission in Santa Barbara to the Red Line in LA, to the Metrolink in San Juan Capistrano, we have been just about all over So. California.  We have really made some wonderful memories over the years.

Unexpectedly last year, Ben had some trouble walking, then just standing.  Also, he is unable to use his right arm and hand.  The doctors are working with Ben to try to find the reason for this, but so far, they’re not sure what the cause is.  So for now, he’s hanging out at the rehabilitation center.  Today, a group of us went to visit Ben, and I brought Molly along for her share of fun.  She has been to quite a few hospitals over the years, and all the patients love seeing her.  She’s gentle with everyone she meets.  This hospital was new to her, and her expression makes me laugh because she knows Ben, but I think that she has always thought that he looks like our mailman.  If you’ve ever been privy to our mail delivery, you’ll know what I mean.

My friendship with Ben is very special to me, because no matter his situation in life, he has always been a gentleman, a kind soul, and a joy to be around. 


~ by joandayimages on February 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “Friendship”

  1. Joan, I love looking at all your photos. They are fabulous. Love you !!

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