It’s countdown time to my first two official Photography Workshops.  Next weekend, I’ll be sharing my love for photography with two groups of excited new photographers on two different days.  Okay, I know it’s Super Bowl Sunday, but, hey, there are some people who would rather be doing something fun. lol

There are times when it’s more convenient to carry a point-and-shoot camera than a heavy SLR with all the great accessories to make professional pictures.  I hate to go anywhere without EVERYTHING, but let’s face it, small cameras have their advantages.  I don’t know why I take so many more pictures when I use a p&s camera, and I shoot from a different perspective lots of the time.  It’s just a different feeling.  I guess, maybe it could be because I know it’s not professional job, so I’m just having fun.

Steve was kind enough to buy me a new p&s camera for Christmas, and I took lots of pictures with it before I returned it…sorry, Steve.  I had some definite features that needed to be included, and I knew I was going to decide this month to replace it and not wait until a better one came out.

After looking at what was available and comparing features, I decided to go with the Nikon P7000.  The reasons I chose the P7000 camera were: it has a hot shoe, zoomed during video, has more pixels on LCD screen, better quality jpgs.  All my choices had a hot shoe, all shot video, but didn’t zoom during shooting video, which is the main reason I am shopping for a new camera.  All shot RAW, but this one had better reviews on the jpgs, which is what I will be shooting with most of the time.  There was an added benefit   with a nice price reduction recently and a $50 instant rebate from Adorama.

I held both choices (other choice, Canon G12) in my hands and played with all of the menus and buttons on both cameras.  I know there are so many choices out there and so many opinions, so I read one good in-depth review and, of course, I had to see what they had to say on DPReview.  I think most consumers who write reviews, are too biased, and they haven’t used the camera long enough before they write about it. eg. “I got my camera today, and I can’t imagine using any other camera.”  Well, technology changes, and I don’t believe this will be my last camera, so I will enjoy this one until I outgrow it.  My last fantastic p&s camera still works and has features I love, so I won’t be getting rid of it any time soon even though it’s ten years old.  Many of my pictures on this blog were taken with it.

Here’s one of my first pictures.  Echo, the cat, and Molly our dog, love sitting in the bay window and watching all the neighborhood excitement.  From their perches, they bask in the warm morning sunlight, bark at the unaffected mailman, and watch the early evening traffic of dog walkers, and take their many naps.

I’m going to slip my new camera in my purse and head out into the world for some new photography adventures.……………well, I didn’t have to go far.  While talking with my good friend, Patty, she noticed a hawk right outside the window.  It had captured a pigeon.  I grabbed my camera and thought I’d try out the video.  I shot the following pictures and the video right through the window.  Then we walked down the street where he had flown into a tree.  He was protecting his dinner, as he sat on the branch.  I uploaded a sample video to You Tube if you would care to watch it.

~ by joandayimages on January 29, 2011.

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  1. Congrats on the new camera, Joan. I briefly considered the P7000 when it first came out, but I stopped short on two counts: everyone (including Thom Hogan) seems to like the Canon G12 better, and ultimately, I am spoiled by the low light capabilities of DSLRs. Someone said the best camera is the one you carry with you, so maybe I should get over my 2nd hang-up, and as for the 1st, there is an advantage to being able to shoot with a Nikon and use the same flow I use for shots from my D300 and D700.

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