Horsin’ Around

Half the day went by, and I was not inspired by anything I saw today. Early in the day I attended a funeral, then headed to Long Beach for a half hour. On my way back to the freeway, I was crossing over the riverbed and glanced down into the riverbed. I saw a man and two horses walking in my direction. The grass mixed with the dirt made it seem less like a riverbed and more like a grassy ponderosa.
Was I going to have time to turn around at the next light, then turn around again and park, before he got too close for a well composed picture?
The answer turned out to be, no. When I started back after my second u-turn, I thought my chance was lost of catching them in time.
I was quite surprised when I saw the three of them walking down the sidewalk.
It all happened so fast, that I only had time to point my camera in their direction and shoot right through the windshield.
Not the best picture, but excited that I got it.

~ by joandayimages on January 25, 2011.

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