New Garden Preview

It isn’t that this is an interesting photo, it’s just that I wanted to show you the new addition to my garden.  My new planting area is in my side yard and measures approximately 1′ x 15′.  All it takes is a beautiful day here in So. CA to break out the shovels and gardening gloves. 

I already have a garden in the backyard, but there’s never enough room when it comes to planting delicious fruit and veggies. Everything I plant in this location will be growing vertically, so I don’t need much room.

I recently purchased a bucket load of seeds that I’m ready to get started.  I just count back six weeks from March 30th, then I start my tomato seeds.  Most of the other seeds take less time to prepare for the Spring planting.

This next week, I will buy some boards for my semi-raised-bed garden.    I’ll add some Bumper Crop and Perlite, and I should be all set.

I can taste those fresh tomatoes now!!

~ by joandayimages on January 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “New Garden Preview”

  1. Good reminder that we need to also plant soon. Yum!

    • I’ll have lots of plants to share. If you would like some tomato plants, just let me know. I always have more than enough. Do you have a summer vegetable garden?

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