Sign of the Times

I drive one of two ways to work depending where I’m working.  Last night, on my way to work, I was reminded of a sign that I was always going to take a picture of.  I don’t know why I never did, but now that I’m taking a picture every day, I’m having visual memories of things that I desired to photograph, but just never did for some reason or another.

Late this afternoon, I volunteered to go with Tara to the car wash.  I thought to myself, I’ll bet I could get a cool picture going through the drive-through Unique Auto Spa.  Okay, not a very good idea.  No great pictures were had there.

Tara was kind enough to return the favor and drive down Paramount Blvd. to a beautiful sign from the past.  It was a bright, sunny afternoon with a clear blue sky.

A long time ago, when film was still popular, I would get my snapshot film developed at Price Club.  Remember them?  They had a big box outside the front door where you could practically drive through and toss your envelope in.  One day, I went to pick up pictures of my son’s birthday party.  The pictures were nowhere to be found.  Weeks went by and still no pictures.  All the cute shots of him and his friends were gone.  My heart sunk.  The employee said I could go to the company where the pictures were developed and printed to see if they had any unclaimed pictures.  If the pictures were of something not so precious to me, I may not have tried hunting them down.  I happily drove to Fox Photo on Paramount Blvd.  Soon, I was searching through piles of photo albums where they stored happy memories that belonged to a new mom or grandparents with their grandchildren.  I felt very sorry for those who may have gotten my pictures when they were missing there’s.  Unfortunately, I never found my pictures. I’ve since realized that my memories are fewer when I don’t have pictures to help me remember.

Sometimes when a company closes, the sign remains for a long time, sometimes for years.  I think we take it for granted, because it may be a landmark, or something you remember from your childhood.  Then it’s gone.  I wish so often that I had taken pictures of other signs or buildings that were objects from my childhood.  I’m going to make a conscious effort to start now, and not wait till they’re all gone.

I tried to find something on the Internet regarding the Fox Photo Quality Finishing sign, and maybe I just didn’t look hard enough, but I just couldn’t find anything about the sign or about the company.

This sign represents an ending to an era for many people all over the world. 


~ by joandayimages on January 21, 2011.

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