Clavicle Meets Mat

I believed when Tyler stopped skateboarding or doing crazy stunts with his crazy friends, he wouldn’t be in quite so much danger of injury to himself.  Most of the time his friends were doing more dangerous stunts than he was, but just hanging around the daring ones could possibly cause him to be hurt. 

It might seem like I’m an over-protective mom, but early on I recognized that boys in general have the ability to make something dangerous out of just about any activity.  For instance, when they were younger, they couldn’t  just swim in the pool.  They found a way to climb up on the roof of the garage and jump into the shallow end of the pool, until they were caught by a neighbor.  Even though this next incident didn’t happen at our house, he is good enough friends with Tyler that it scares me a bit.  Jonathan decided to fill the bathroom sink with water, light some type of cherry bomb, and put it in the water just in time for it to explode and, well, let’s just say there was a little remodeling that had to be done at their home.

You might be asking me, “What does this have to do with a clavicle?”  We’re talking about Tyler in particular.  He has been a gymnast since he was four years old.  Starting young and sticking with something like this keeps you limber and in shape.  Although baseball, soccer and football were played, gymnastics is a year-round activity and was his most consistently played sport.  Tara was also a gymnast and competed all four years in high school.  Many years were spent at the gym with both kids.  Friends were made, homework was finished, and some even ate dinner in between classes.  Some of the kids, after becoming teenagers, were hired to coach the younger ones.

Tyler has been a coach now for about three years, I think.  He works for his former coach at his gym.  Sometimes Tyler comes home and mentions that his ankle hurts, or he may, in his modest excitement, let me know that he got a new trick, like a standing triple-twist flip.  I’m not sure if that’s the name of the trick.   If I remember correctly, he only had one injury in his fifteen years doing gymnastics, a slightly sprained ankle.

He saved up all his injuries for this last week.  It was just seven days ago, he came home with his elbow swollen.  We really thought it was broken, but he was lucky this time.  He was jumping off the roof over the room where the parents watch, as he has done many times before.  On the edge of the roof is a very small hook that holds the ropes.  I guess the toe of his shoe got caught in the hook which caused him to go head first into the mat.  His arm took the brunt of it.  This was injury number one. 

Last night, he called from the emergency room saying he broke his clavicle.  He was just doing a simple front tuck.  Landing the wrong way can result in an injury, which is exactly what happened this time.

After visiting the orthopedic specialist today, the recommendation is for him to have a titanium plate put in.  In the past, surgery wasn’t recommended, but now they are finding that with this out-patient surgery procedure, they are getting better results than just letting it heal on its own.

Classes start back next week for Tyler, so I may be spending a lot more quality time with my son.  He’s not going to be able to drive his VW bus, which is a stick shift and very hard to steer.  This happened to his left shoulder, and he is left-handed.  I sure hope he heals quickly.

I love you, Son.


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