Granny 94

What can be said that hasn’t been said of drivers who are a little past their prime…who aren’t ready to give up cruisin’ down the boulevard? 

Freedom is something that we all value, have fought for, cherish, and most of all would die for.  It’s easy to tell someone that they shouldn’t be driving, but it’s another thing to actually force them to give up their independence.  

Granny, Steve’s grandmother who is 94 years of age, has been behind the wheel for a very, very long time.  She’s a pretty good driver.  It’s the reaction time that is the most crucial factor for seniors.  Peripheral vision should be good enough to pass the vision test at the ophthalmologist.

Downey Adult School offers classes in brain fitness that has improved the reaction time of seniors who still drive.  Check out the website, or click on the link.

Today’s photo was taken in front of the DMV office.  Granny hates going there, and will try to schmooze the employees into just letting her slide.  Her smooth talk is kind of  fun to watch.  Anyway, she is smiling because she has obtained an extension that will bide her a few more months until she can get to the eye doctor.

She and I usually go to the DMV no less than two or three times a year for various things.  Usually we make an afternoon of it, getting lunch at her favorite location, Pieloon.

~ by joandayimages on January 14, 2011.

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