Joan Day

Somewhere it must have been posted, but I didn’t see it.  I saw that everyone had taken a self-portrait.  I do remember suggesting this sometime back, because sometimes on flickr it’s hard to know if you are talking to a man or a woman.  So, thanks Frank for making me do something that I really hate.

If you are concerned about wrinkles and such things, it’s best not to take a picture of yourself in harsh lighting.  So I set my camera on a tripod in the hallway and used the light coming in the bathroom window.

I took a few shots, then looked at them, and thought there was something better that I could be doing to make it a fun picture.  So, I moved the tripod in another room and shot from a different direction.  You won’t be seeing those pictures, because even if the lighting was nice,  it wasn’t the correct lighting for me.

This is, maybe, the third picture I took.  I’m happy enough with it, even though, as I may have said before, the only thing worse than taking a picture of myself would be giving myself a shot.

I woke up today wondering what in the world I was going to shoot today.

Looking out the kitchen window at my neighbor’s house and seeing the brown coat being applied, I thought, yes, I have a subject.

I watched our house going through a much-needed transformation a few years ago, and really liked taking pictures and documenting the progress.

Tim and his crew were kind enough to let me take some pictures as they worked.

There isn’t much left of the pretty flowers and plants that usually adorn Diane’s house, but on the corner was the Camillia bush…and in full bloom.  It’s a beautiful color and really gave me something to aim for.

I can’t wait to see the house all finished.  I’m sure Diane can’t wait, either.


~ by joandayimages on January 12, 2011.

One Response to “Joan Day”

  1. I like your self-portrait. I always have a problem doing these because w/o an assistant, it takes me several tries to get the focus right. You did a fine job with nice even lighting as well.

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