Woolworth’s Antique Store and Diner

Okay, I’m going to type as fast as my little fingers will move so I can hit the road.
Today’s picture was thought out to a certain point. I had to return a Christmas gift I had purchased for Steve from a restaurant supply store. A few weeks before Christmas, my dad and I went to this store to pick out this special gift. On our way, there is an area of Bakersfield, CA, which is called the “Five & 10 Antique Mall.” On the corner is a genuine Woolworth’s Store, which has been converted into an antique store, which still houses the original diner with all original counters and such things.

So, I thought I would just take a picture of the outside of the store. That was fine with me. Since Tara was with me, and we hadn’t been there since she was very young, I thought we’d go in and check it out.

The sales girl, Claire Hale, was as nice as could be. She put the books I was purchasing up at the check-out counter and came back to see if I needed any help with anything. I asked her if I could take some pictures in the store, which she allowed me to do.
To make a long story short, within 10 minutes, I had my camera in hand, Tara was holding my flash, Claire was all decked out with her new (antique) outfit, hat, shoes and purse. To make it look authentic, she held an old-fashioned cigarette holder. For a gal who has never modeled before, Claire, you were one congenial fun-loving model. What made it even more fun was the fact that she was sitting in one of the individual cubicles that had items for sale.

To finish off her photo shoot, she posed on the original 1945 stairs, which Claire informed me were very special…Claire, I couldn’t find the name of the floor, sorry.  Black something…
Thanks, Claire, you were awesome!!!

On our way out, we stopped at the original lunch counter, where Jeremy Trammell and Mariana, were happy to help me out with another shot. Tara couldn’t resist one of Jeremy’s scrumptious cheeseburgers.

Thanks to all you and your wonderful employees for helping me make some rather quick pictures turn into some wonderful portraits. I have never met nicer people in any store.
I’ll be back to deliver some prints to you the next time I’m in town.


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One Response to “Woolworth’s Antique Store and Diner”

  1. I just heard about this place! Great blog about it, cant wait to check it out!

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