It’s All About the Nails

I’m gettin’ in the grove, finally.  The Focused on 365 2011 group that I committed to this new year has given my blood some new red cells.  It’s just what I needed to change up my shooting habits.  It’s like working out and getting in a rut…sometimes you just need to change your routine a bit to get the energy flowing.

Today, I had a plan for my picture of the day. I was going to hit the road with Tara…see some snow…head up the 99 to visit my dad.

Tara, now completely understanding the value of using coupons, asked if she could get her breakfast at Mr. Pete’s Patio.  $2.99 wouldn’t set me back too much, I guess, so even though I still had to pack the car, make sure the animals were taken care of, have the oil changed on my van, and get gas, I agreed to her breakfast treat.  Time was of the essence if we planned to take a detour to find some snow.

I could just picture the majesty of the recently fallen snow on some inanimate object, just covering it enough to make out the object.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

My snowy picture is in my mind as I call from my cell phone to order the patiently waited for breakfast.  It’s 11:30 by now and we’ve got to get on the road.  There’s no time to wait.  As we pull into the driveway, I ask Tara to hop out and run in and get her breakfast.  “Mom, I’m bundled in my blanket,” which the kids have always done when we travel north in the winter.  Okay, fine, I’ll get out and run in.

While waiting to make the purchase, I see the waitress hustling back and forth serving hot food and coffee.  I noticed her finger nails.  Okay, I’ve seen decorated finger nails before, but these were really decorated.  It’s starting to be all the rage among young ladies.  They LOVE their nail décor.  They’ll do anything…pay any amount to have their nails glammed to hilt…just to turn around maybe four weeks later and do it all over again with a different design.

Any other day, I would have asked, “Please, may I see your nails?”  I would have commented on the colors and such things, told her how pretty they looked and have been on my way….not this morning.

I quickly asked her if I could take a picture of them.  Cinthia, agreed.  I got my camera, took a few snapshots, and said, “Yeah, I got my picture for the day.”  What makes it even more special, is that she is holding a bottle of  Tapatio, (3,000 on the scale of  Scoville units).  This company is  owned by one of my long-time client’s, the Saavedra Family.

It’s a good feeling to have my “homework” done…and, it’s a good thing I didn’t count on capturing much on the ridge, because even though there were patches of snow, there wasn’t anything that caught my eye.

Had I not gotten my picture, heading down the grapevine would have surely depressed me.  I could only see one hundred feet in front of me.

….let’s see what tomorrow brings….I can’t wait to find the unexpected.


~ by joandayimages on January 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “It’s All About the Nails”

  1. Terrific image, Joan. Was thinking you were going to miss your Jan-5 entry, and here it is, in wonderful color and detail. Good job… give my regards to your dad.

  2. Joan, welcome to the world of daily photos — it’s a lot of fun!

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