Sunset Beach/Huntington Harbour

I was driving down PCH wondering if I would find anything to shoot before the sun went down. Constantly peering between the beach houses in Sunset Beach, I was hoping the setting sun would cause me to stop dead in my tracks. Instead, to my left, the red boat in the harbour caught my eye. At the next light, I whipped a u-ee. lol By the time I pulled over and changed my lens to my wide-angle, the sun was lower and not so bright on the red boat. Oh, well, I shot some pictures anyway. Here’s what I got. Click on the picture to see a larger view.

I stayed there for just about two minutes.
I, then, drove farther south hoping I’d find the sun and the clouds in just the right place. I parked by Dog Beach, tied my scarf around my neck, got out, and started to shoot. About two minutes later, a very nice guy, David Parker, asked me if was getting the shots I wanted. After some small talk and watching the sky turn its fabulous shades of gray and orange as the sun went below the horizon, David made some fantastic suggestions for locations to shoot. He re-lit his Cuban cigar and really suggested I try to take a picture of San Pedro with lights and the orange sky. Okay, back to the car to switch lenses. San Pedro is a long way away, so I added my 2x tele-converter.
I love it when other people see something fantastic, too. I may not have shot this if it weren’t for David’s stories about surfing, Enchilada Mondays, and showing me his fabulous photos on his Blackberry.
I have no problem getting to know strangers…just ask Tara, my daughter.
David, you’re no longer a stranger, but a really nice guy that I’m gonna look for the next time I decide to head down to the beach to shoot some surfers.
Here’s your shot.


~ by joandayimages on January 4, 2011.

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