Oak Glen November 2010

What is the first thing we want to know when we open our eyes in the morning?  Yes, you’re right!! What is the weather like outside?  We need to know this so we can decide whether to put on a t-shirt or a heavy sweatshirt, boots or sandals.  This may be the least of our worries for the day, for most of us; but, if all is well with the world, and your camera is handy, hop in the car and go somewhere.

I had already taken one trip to Oak Glen this year, but my friend, Judy, said, “You know, in a few weeks all these leaves will be changing colors.”  That’s all I needed to start planning my next trip.  I waited about three weeks, and then a group of us, went up for the day.  I took my two favorite models, and some former students/friends and headed east on the 10 freeway.  We got off at Yucaipa Blvd., turned left, went up to Oak Glen, turned left, and then drove about four miles until we started hitting the apple farms.  Map

It sure didn’t take long to see a few beautiful golden trees, leaves glistening in the sun.  Soon there were a few orange, red and yellow ones to complete the winter palette.  I can’t understand why more trees that change colors haven’t been planted.   No, it’s not like the East Coast, or even Northern CA, but it can satisfy me until I make a trip somewhere, someday, just for my desire to take some pictures that will fill a calendar’s Fall pages.  Okay, maybe I’ll hang one on the wall someday.

We no sooner get out of our cars and everyone disappears.  Everyone is excited to get busy taking pictures.  Since Tara and Corey were with me, I thought I’d take a few of them.  They are very cooperative, and love to have fun and act silly.  Then it was on to finding some apples in the trees.  Everywhere we looked we saw apples.  Although it’s the end of the season, there were plenty in the trees, on the ground, and in the barns for sale. 

Los Rios Rancho was our next stop.  Tri-tip sandwiches and all sorts of goodies are on the menu here.  You really can’t get out of there without having at least an apple turnover.  Of course, there are big beautiful apple pies for sale.  While standing in line to order, I took the picture of the red tree with the mountains in the background and the bright blue sky.

It was early November, and the sun was starting to set.  Temperatures began to drop into the 50s.  So we started down the hill driving very slowly, hoping to stop for another photographic opportunity.  At Mom’s Country Orchards we bought caramel apples, bread, took pictures, and smelled the hot apple cider warming on the antique stove.

Well, that was the last I saw of everyone.  We went our separate ways down the hill and headed home.

I hope to get up there sometime for another adventure.  It’s not too far away,  but still a nice drive.  They have all sorts of festivals all year, and some pretty fun activities during the Christmas holidays.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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~ by joandayimages on November 11, 2010.

One Response to “Oak Glen November 2010”

  1. Fall colors are a wonderful backdrop for warm portraits, or can stand out all on their own in striking landscapes. I like how you managed to do this in this set of photos.

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