Someone To Be Proud Of

As a child, I watched Jonathan have fun, laugh, act silly, and be a good friend to my son, Tyler.  All the boys got along very well, and I enjoyed having them over to swim, skateboard, play video games,  barbecue and play ping-pong, etc

The years have flown by.  No longer are the boys wresting around, beating each other to death in the pool and causing me to check up on them every five minutes.  In fact, I hardly see most of them.  Sure, they stop by every once in a while.  All of them are in college, working and growing into fine young men.  They are all just turning 21…a scary year for parents.  I pray for their safety and that they make wise decisions when out with their friends. 

I have enjoyed watching  as the boys find their way in this world, each in his own time.   Jonathan chose a path that any parent would be proud of.  Even though Steve and I are not his parents, we couldn’t be any closer.  I believe kids do well with additional parental influence, as long as it

Jonathan Vargas

is in line with the same values.  Jonathan has recently graduated from Rio Hondo Fire Academy, Class 75.  Going to his graduation and watching him follow through with a plan has been one of the highlights we have shared with Jonathan. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what each of them decides to do with their lives and how they plan strategically as they grow and mature.

Congratulations, Jonathan.






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