Daddy’s Girl

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I don’t know exactly when I first felt like l was a “Daddy’s Girl”, but it must have been when I was just a wee lassie.  Yes, I have siblings, and I know they probably feel the same about their relationship with our dad.  I’d like to feel in my heart that my relationship is a special one, though.  I have memories that I will hold on to forever of special times I have had with my dad…conversations that have meant so much to me.  I feel blessed to have my dad in my life today.  He is 90.  I can’t believe it, even when I see it on paper.  It just doesn’t seem possible.  I’m glad we both have fantastic memories, because we can go out to lunch and sit there for a few hours just talking about when he was young and when I was young.  One of my earliest memories is the two of us going to the post office in our 60-something Chevy.  I was standing in the front seat with my arm around his neck.  That’s how we traveled in those days….no car seats…or even seat belts…yikes.  I must have been about three or so.  I remember him teaching me to ride my two-wheeler, pushing me on the swing, teaching me to drive on the freeway, and of course walking me down the aisle.  Actually, I have many, too many memories to write about, but I do have lots and lots of pictures to help keep my memories alive. 

I’m grateful that he has spent so much time with our children as they have grown into young adults, and hope he will see them marry someday…not too soon, though.

Families are so important in this life, and the simplicity or complexity of each and every relationship helps to shape our families’ future.  I have so much to be thankful for in my life, so much to be grateful for, so I’d like to just spread my joy around today.

I was looking for a nice poem on the Internet and came across this one.  It doesn’t say who wrote it, and it doesn’t really sound like a poem, but it really sums up how I feel about my dad.

I hope all of you Daddy’s Girls enjoy this.

Daddy’s Girl
When you were young, pony-tailed,
face full of playful freckles,
were you a daddy’s girl?
I was. I still am.
Did you look to him for your security,
for love and attention,
for the understanding and the patience you lacked
as a child?
My daddy was the center of my small world,
the focus of my affections,
the star that lit my life, shining bright,
shining still in my heart.
The years have led me here,
weathered with maturity and responsibilities,
and I see more clearly now.
The hardships, burdens of love,
and all the sacrifices he made for me,
for our family.
He created stability, a place to call home.
All the photographs I browse through
of a child long forgotten, scarcely remembered
smiling, so happy and so loved.
The mere thought of becoming that role model
is enough to send me cowering, afraid…
looking for guidance.
Turning to my father, for moral support,
advice, wise counsel and for approval.
Grown up, I see differently now…
A new perspective of a man I have always known.
My heart is full, my emotions overpowering
just in the certainty of that bond.
He’s been there for me through all the conflicts
helping me over the rough, ragged stones of growing up.
My respect for him is unending,
faith is unbound, and love is unquestioning.
Even in the midst of all my imperfections, he is lenient,
ignoring the pitfalls, the downfalls, the shortcomings,
he just accepted me as I was, as I am.
The sheer purity of it leaves me awe-struck
and it lifts me up, it holds my head a little higher,
it keeps me in balance,
harmonizing with the world around me
beautifully, like an inspired masterpiece from the soul
of an honest man.
I am honored to know him, to love him, to be of him.
He’s my hero, and I am his daughter, his little girl.

Author Unknown – But could have been Me

~ by joandayimages on September 7, 2010.

One Response to “Daddy’s Girl”

  1. Such a nice post! My blog post “My Husband the Superhero” is linked on your blog as a possibily related article. That is how I found your post. I am so glad I did! My post is about my little girl and her Daddy. I hope she is able to write the same things about him when he is 90 too! 🙂

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