Marina Park, San Diego – Skate competition

Wow!  What a day of expended energy.  Staying fit enough to do all these skateboarding tricks takes practice every single day.   I married a skateboarder long ago, and I watched him as he did all his fantastic tricks, jumping over picnic tables and handstand kick-flips.  Steve Day was fourth in the World during his career, and was sponsored by RC Cola and others.  He traveled to Canada, and stayed in a hacienda in Mexico City.  His favorite part of that trip was having a maid.  Good thing he didn’t get too used to the service.  His really good friend is Russ Howell.  You can find on U-tube many Super 8 movies from the past that he transferred to digital to share with everyone.  I’m glad I was around when Russ invented wind-skating, and witnessed his record-holding 360s.  The memories are many of going to Long Beach Olympic Pool parking lot and watching them have fun.  Russ is still a skateboarding advocate, and has done a lot to keep skateboarding alive for young kids in Boise as well as Utah, as he has recently moved there.

Steve has not been as vigilant at keeping in skateboarding shape.  Although, I think it wouldn’t be too hard to get back in shape, I guess he doesn’t like the thought of the possibility of  wearing a cast on his arm, again.

On Saturday, we went to Marina Park, in San Diego, where Steve and other greats judged a contest for all ages.  I thought I’d try to get a few shots, but spent the whole day shooting, possibly as many pictures as I would have at a wedding…and that’s a lot.  I made a short video for you to enjoy.

If you would like to see or purchase full size photos, please head over to my website:


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