San Pedro Dancing Waters

Sometimes it’s just nice to go somewhere with some friends and take pictures for no other reason than to just have fun and shoot.

Friday night, Paul, Jim and I took Tara and Jacquelyn to San Pedro.  The girls had their make-up applied by a wonderful new rising make-up-artist star, Laura.  With eyelashes and shadow tastefully applied, modest clothing picked out, a few pair of shoes, off we went. 

Right at the foot of the Vincent Thomas Bridge is a relatively new little water fountain, for lack of a better word.  There are three pools, two with water fountains that shoot up and dance to the music that is playing.  All types of music accompany the water show.  We’ve been there during the Christmas season when they are playing fun seasonal music.  It’s quite chilly at that time, so it was nice to be there on a warm summer evening. 

As the sun went down, the reflections were lit by lights instead of the golden sunset.  All the kids that were playing in the water probably got cold and hungry.  Soon we were there with few people.  Time went by fast, as we tried different lighting techniques and different lenses.  The girls changed their clothing a few times and were invigorated by a warm ear of corn, but soon cooled off after eating a snow cone.  I do believe we photographers could go on for hours and hours, but the models tire out after awhile.

 As the girls retreated to the van,  we continued just shooting each other.  All in all, it was a fun evening with friends.  Any excuse is a good excuse to get out and take some pictures.  I hope you enjoy this collection.  If you would like to see full-size pictures, click this link.

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~ by joandayimages on July 29, 2010.

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  1. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful models. Love them all

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