Matthew and Kim’s Wedding

What beautiful day it was on Saturday, May 15th.  A little humid for my taste, but the sun was shinning.   When my nephew, Matthew, asked me to shoot his wedding. It didn’t take me but a second to say yes, of course.  He and Kim are such a wonderful match.  Their love for each other is evident, for sure.  It’s a great feeling to watch a family member grow up and fall in love.  It may take some time, but when they find the right person, it’s very special.  I can see the love in his eyes, the way he cares for Kim.  They speak beautifully to each other, and really respect each other.  Kim is soft spoken, and has a very gentle spirit.  I know they will grow old together and have a wonderful life.  Congratulations to both of you!

The wedding was held at St. Gregory Church  in Whittier, CA.  It’s a large church with beautiful stained glass windows.  The large reception was held at Angelo’s & Vinci’s Ristorante  in Fullerton, CA.  The unique decorations, add to the eclectic style of the restaurant.  At first, I thought it would be hard to take nice pictures here, but after sleeping on it and thinking, “what would Jerry do”, I quickly made a checklist of the shots I thought I could get, taking advantage of the pockets of lights in the dinning area and all the little fairy lights around every wall.  Wow, this will make some nice bokeh!  I could place the bride and groom here, light them with the lamp at the hostess counter.  Then, someone could hold the flash behind them down low, and voilá, I’d have a shot that I learned from Jerry Ghionis.   Well, this never did happen.  The main dining area was filled with customers.  I thought it might be too intrusive to use flash while people were dining.  I’ll save that shot for another day.  But I did get some nice shots with available light by the hostess counter.

The evening went along without a hitch.  After all the necessary shots were taken, I asked a few people if I could take their pictures.  I had a good time with everyone I asked, and I think they had fun, too.  Click here to see more of Matthew and Kim’s wedding.  For more info, please visit

Matt and Kim

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