Growing Up in Slow Motion

The years fly by so quickly.  I was actually looking for another favorite and discovered it was in 2008.  It couldn’t possibly have been that long ago.

I love this picture of my daughter, Tara, (right) and her friend, Jacquelyn, (left) mostly because they have been friends since kindergarten, now 18.  The horses whizzing by reminded me of fleeting time.

Jacquelyn and Tara

I remember pushing them on the swings taking them to the beach, park, movies, snow, vacations, camping and loading them onto their favorite horse on the carousel… yes, I love her just like a daughter.  She even calls me Mom.  We can share them both, Vicki.  🙂

My son, Tyler, has friends he’s grown up with, and Tara has her friends.  Since I stayed home with my kids, I have soooooooooo many memories and, of course, lots of pictures of all of us doing things together.

So, before I start weeping I’ll end by reminding us that before you know it…………..they’re grown.

~ by joandayimages on January 19, 2010.

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