Daniel and Nadine’s Wedding

It might be raining outside tonight, but yesterday was beautiful!  What a great day for a wedding.

Daniel and Nadine looked fantastic.  Peacocks were the theme of the wedding.  Everything from the cake to the flowers had peacock feathers.  It wasn’t overdone, though, just enough to tie it all together.  The beautiful couple had surprises for everyone.  Not the traditional wedding march for this couple.  They chose festive dance music to accompany their entrance down the aisle.  As ceremonies go, this was a very contemporary one.

 Daniel’s dad choked up as he performed the nuptials.  It was very apparent that he was happy to have Nadine as his daughter-in-law.  He mentioned that Daniel’s mom would have been very proud of the two of them.  She passed away last year.

I don’t think anyone expected Nadine’s beautiful black lab, Apollo, to carry the rings down the aisle on a pillow.  Everyone enjoyed the lighthearted nature of the ceremony…especially me.  Sometimes weddings can be so perfect, and, well, stuffy.   Everything from the first dance, to the garter throw had something unexpected added. 

I really enjoyed getting to know this newlywed couple and wish them many years of happiness and love.

~ by joandayimages on January 18, 2010.

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