One of the joys of being a photographer is knowing that when I capture a moment in time, this image may be one that will be shared for many generations.  Because our time on Earth is uncertain, we need to cherish our memories and take time to look back at our photo albums, yes, albums.  You are still making them, right?  It’s so easy to take our pictures, put them in order in file folders on the computer, and then forget that we took the pictures.  We went digital and realized how much money it would save us by not making prints.  Over the years, I have made less and less prints of my own family.  I miss putting them in albums, then sitting by the fire on a cool Winter evening and spending time looking at my growing family.  Yes, I have a digital picture frame, but since I take so many pictures, and I’m busier than ever now, I rarely take the time to copy them onto a memory card to use with it.  Is it that I can’t decide which ones to copy, or the fact that I’d have to stand in front of it to see them, not sit by the fire?  I’m not sure, but I do realize that as the holidays approach, I feel like I want to get out the old albums, put a fire in the fireplace and reminisce with my family.

I shot a wedding a few years back, and I found out today that the groom had passed away.  I was asked to make a CD of the pictures.  Thank goodness I have my backups. This is just a friendly reminder that it is necessary to back up your hard drives, because it’s not a matter of if your hard drive fails, but when your hard drive fails.

Gary and Juanita were married in 1995.  I was asked two days before the wedding to shoot it, as it was a surprise for their family, even though they had it all planned.  The intimate backyard celebration was attended by close family and friends.  Gary was handsome in his suit, and Juanita was a beautiful bride.  I feel so privileged to have known both of them and to have been part of their special day.  As a photographer, I shared every moment with the couple.  As with every special event I feel like I’m family, and the memories stay with me always.  I try not to get emotional when I’m working, but I have shed many a tear while shooting and filming weddings.  There’s just something about them; I guess it’s just the pure joy of the day that gets to me. 


Gary and Juanita

I would like this post to be a tribute to Gary and to those who are not with us anymore, but with whom I share many special memories.

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