Los Angeles City Hall

Debbie, Christina, and I had a fabulous time as we spent the evening photographing Los Angeles from the 27th floor of City Hall.  

Christina, a Los Angeles City journalist, hosted our evening photoshoot. 

It’s a magical transition as the sun begins to set behind the buildings, the yellow crescent moon rises and the city lights begin to glow.  The light changes rapidly as we try to capture the High Dynamic Range scene just as we see it with our eyes.  This is my favorite time to shoot and not having much time to check out what we’ve shot, we continue until the sky is black.  Next we concentrate on the subject matter and composition and the trailing red and white lights.  Where are they coming from…where are they going?  Are they making an interesting enough shape as we review the LCD?  No two shots are the same.  Wow, we can see the Disney Concert Hall, Union Station, and the traffic coming down into China Town…not all at once, of course.

We had a great time, and hope to do it again sometime.  Thanks Christina. 🙂 _DSC3539-1




City Lights


Union Station


Disney Concert Hall

~ by joandayimages on August 29, 2009.

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